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Dust Off Classic -10oz refill for Original Chrome Nozzle

Dust-Off Canned Air Compressed Gas Classic Duster Refill - 100 percent ozone-safe, original Dust-Off Classic Chrome Valve Refill efficiently removes loose dust and lint from hard-to-reach areas of data processing equipment, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment. Refill is nontoxic and fits most chrome valve systems. Requires a nozzle
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Dust Off Nozzle - Universal Chrome Valve

The sturdy Dust-Off Chrome Valve will provide years of effective dust and lint removal. Fits Dust-Off FGS/FGSR Classic.
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Dust Off Plus -10oz refill for 360 Plus Nozzle

Replacement can for DPS – Dust-Off PLUS 360° Vector Valve System.
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Dust Off PLUS Nozzle - 360 Degree

The Dust-Off Plus 360° Vector Valve has the unique capability to angle the blast 360° into inaccessible places by allowing you to keep the duster upright while delivering a cleaning blast.
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Dust Off XL or Duster

Dust-Off compressed gas dusters provide potent dust-removing power for practically any task. Includes disposable Spray valve / Nozzle
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