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LED - ARRI Orbiter

The ARRI Orbiter LED Light is part of a tunable light system with a powerful color engine and versatile, changeable optics. ARRI's Spectra system features a wide range of color features allowing you to create an enormous range of colors with its six-color light engine, The light runs on universal 100 to 260V but it will also run on 48V batteries when AC power is unavailable.
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Chimera - ARRI Orbiter Octa 4

The Chimera Octa 4 for Orbiter uses a large aperture to generate extremely soft, yet bright light. The speed ring creates a direct mounting point between the Chimera Octagon and Orbiter. It holds Orbiter directly in the center of a 4 ft. diameter octagon shaped light bank. The Chimera Octa is perfect for beauty shots. Approx. 135 cm / 53" diameter, 75 cm / 29" deep Bright and super soft Lightweight and professional grade construction and materials Attaches to the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) on Orbiter Contains digital optics identification Includes light bank, full and half Chimera cloth front screens, inner baffle, QLM speed ring & storage sack
$125.00 per 1 day(s)

LED - ARRI Orbiter Docking Ring w/ Leko Barrel

The Orbiter Docking Ring allows the attachment of a wide range of compatible optics from various manufacturers: different Projection optics, Fresnel and Cyc-optics. USE TO CONNECT to LEKO LENS Options We do include in the Leko Barrel
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Source 4 - Leko Lens 19 Degree

- Heightened sharpness and contrast - Increased output - 19 degree field output
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