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SkyPanel - S360 - Arri Chimera PopBank

Take your SkyPanel S360 LED Softlight and create an even softer and wider source by equipping it with this DoPchoice SnapBox from ARRI. This large 52 x 37" box measures 16" deep and features a front diffuser to create a dramatically softer quality of light. The sides feature multiple options, including either four Magic Cloth diffusers for a wider, softer spread, or black sides with silver intensifiers for directing more light forward and limiting spill. All these tools are quickly attached to the box with hook-and-loop fasteners and the box will even accept an optional fabric grid. For fast mounting to the fixture, each corner is fitted with an elastic strap, and for convenience it folds down and fits into an included carrying bag for storage. Product Highlights For SkyPanel S360 LED Softlight Five Diffused Surfaces Soften Output Size: 52 x 37 x 16" Magic Cloth & Black Sides Control Spill
SKU: 8408
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