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Scrims - 8’ X 8’ Double Net

Double layer of bobbinet net fabric for reducing light output 1.2 f-stops without altering light quality.
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25’ A/C Cords: - AKA “Stingers”, - Constructed out of 12AWG water resistant cable - 15A-125V Male/Female plugs on each end.
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Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps (HD)

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Beadboard Holder

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Lollipops (4.5” Grip Head)

Weight: 5lbs Socket Size: 1 1/8 inches Spigot Size: 1 1/8" inches Designed to convert a Junior Stand to and overhead stand, the D400 incorporates a 4 1/2" grip head with a junior (1 1/8") stud and receiver.
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