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Profoto - A10 AirTTL Fuji Pack

Profoto A10 for FUJIFILM - Includes 1 Battery and Charger Profoto introduces an enhanced version, the A10 AirTTL-F Studio Light for FUJIFILM. The A10 has the same powerful battery that gets 450 full-power flashes instead of 350, fast full-power recycling time of one second, and 20 wireless channels. What's ground-breaking about the A10 is that you can sync it with your iPhone camera. Round flash head design with for a natural light with smooth fall-off. Compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic light shaping Tools. Compatibile with all Profoto Air, AirTTL and Connect triggers. Smart Connectivity with Profoto app for iOS. Built-in AirX bluetooth sync technology for future proof compatibility with mobile cameras. Clean and easy user interface with large hi-res display. Extremely fast flash recycling Exchangeable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with high capacity. Flash head with 90˚ tilt and 360˚ rotation. Laser AF-assist and LED modelling light. Auto or manual zoom for flash and modelling light.
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