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LiteGear - SnapGrid 40 Deg LiteMat+ 2L PLUS

SKU: 8435
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Grid Clamp - Junior

Made to clamp securely on overhead grids, car rigs, or camera car rails for mounting light fixtures. The Junior Grid Clamp can also be inverted with the pin mounting into a Grip Head for spanning pipe between two stands.
$4.00 per 1 day(s)

Cardellini Clamp

The rust-proof construction, stainless steel shaft and bushing, aluminum jaws and knob. Patented Jaw design firmly grips almost any shape. Quick spin knobs reduce setting and release times. Jaw pads grip and protect the surface being clamped, and are easily replaceable in case of damage. Heavy threads on the shaft resist dinging.
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LED - S2 LiteMat 2L Hybrid Kit PLUS

The LiteGear LiteMat 2L LED Hybrid Complete Unit Kit - Daylight or Tungsten and anywhere in between for a beautiful color match. - Flicker free dimming and variable color temperature for the ultimate control. - A filmmaker's or photographer's dream light. 1 - ballast 1 - head extension 1 - power ballast 3 - diffusions 1 - power cord 1 - mount 1 - speedring 1 - grid Includes: - LiteMat Diffuser with 3 difussions (Quarter, Half, and Full) - LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid - PolySkirt - Parasquare Louver - Center mount - KitBag
$100.00 per 1 day(s)