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Heater - Blower Electric

This small electric blower heater is great for indoor spaces. -It measures 12" tall x 11" wide -uses 12.5 amps or 1500 watts -has 3 speeds: low heat, high heat and fan only -tempature can be adjusted
SKU: 1168
/day or weekend

Weekends Count as One day.

One-day minimum.

Rent 4-6 days per week,pay only for 2.5!

1 Week @ $17.50
1 Day @ $7.00


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Heater - Dish Heater Electric

FEATURES: - Focuses heat where it's needed - Infinite Switch technology: provides a nearly infinite choice of heat settings, allowing you to select a precise level of warmth - Combines tip-over switch protection with a warning buzze if the heater is tipped over during use - Uses 1000w of power
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Heater - Handtruck Single

Great all purpose heater. The heat comes from radiant grills. The entire unit sits on a dolly for easy mobility. Can be used inside or outside. It heats up to 800 square feet at 35,000 BTU per hour. It comes with one 5 gallon tank of propane which lasts roughly 12 hours. The heater measures 62.5” inches in height x 22” wide (at the base) x 20.5” depth (at the base). Proof of liability insurance is required to rent this heater.
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