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Gaffer Grip

Pelican clamp gets its name from its profile and its ability to open wide and hold a lot. This clamp can grip onto a pipe hold a lot of weight.
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Stand - C-Stand Regular 40"

Max Ht: 126.5" (321cm) Min Ht: 53" (135cm) Capacity: 22lbs. (10kg) Weight: 16lbs (7.2kg) Footprint: 27.5" (70cm) Folded Base: 21" (54cm) (apple box not included)
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Stand - Low 20" C Stand

The classic Hollywood stand. Here are the details: • We carry both Norms and Matthews brands. Made of steel. • We send ours out with an arm and a head (lollipop). Max Ht: 63”" (161cm) Min Ht: 30" (76cm) Capacity: 22lbs. (10kg) Weight: 8.25lbs (4kg) Footprint: 27.5" (70cm) Folded Base: 21" (54cm)
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Cable - 25’ AC Cord Stinger

25’ A/C Cords: - AKA “Stingers”, - Constructed out of 12AWG water resistant cable - 15A-125V Male/Female plugs on each end.
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Fresnel - 300 Watt Inky (ARRI)

The Silver/Blue 300W Plus Fresnel from ARRI - Weighs 4 lb - Fixture Dimensions: 9.17 x 8.7 x 6.3" - 300 W fixture with a versatile 3" Fresnel lens. - Has a spot-to-flood range of 15° to 49°, allowing you to pinpoint hard light on your subject or wash it in a soft, wide field of light with a simple twist of a knob. - Comes with 4-way barndoor, giving you more control of the beam. - Bulbs are 0-100% adjustable with an external dimmer - Has an integrated 5/8" receiver for mounting on stands or accessories with a 5/8" stud or spigot. - Comes with a 5 piece scrim set and gel holder for light.
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