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Castex Procedures for Curbside Pick-Ups and Returns

Before you arrive:

  1. To place an order, call or email ahead of time. Please provide all necessary paperwork before your arrival, including a valid credit card and proof of I.D. If the card holder will not be present, we require our C.C. Authorization form to be completed and signed. If required, please provide a proof of insurance per our guidelines. These forms will be required upon pickup. They can be emailed ahead of time or brought in when picking up.
  2. Call ahead to verify all your paperwork is complete and your order is a go before arriving at Castex.
  3. Notify Castex of your planned arrival within a 30 minute to 1-hour window.

Once you arrive:

  1. 1. Pull into the loading zone in front of Castex.
  2. Inform Castex staff, who will be present, your intentions of business; sale or rental and if your order has already been placed.
    NOTE: "Walk-ins" are welcome, but the process may be slow. Customers may need to come back if paperwork is incomplete. Please be patient with us, we will do our best!!
  3. IF ALL OF YOUR PAPERWORK IS CORRECT, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE RUN AND CASTEX WILL BEGIN BRINGING OUT YOUR ORDER. At this moment Castex will check in the gear with you. Castex will be minimizing contact during this time. As a customer, you will have to load and tie off your rental gear.


  1. Pull into the loading zone in front of Castex.
  2. Inform Castex staff, who will be present, you have a return. Castex will grab your paperwork.
  3. Castex will bring the appropriate carts and dollies necessary to unload.
  4. Castex will then check in the gear.
  5. The customer should remain present in the event Castex has a question about an item.
  6. Once the return is complete and finalized, an invoice will be generated. The credit card will be charged. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, all invoices will be emailed.