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Chimera - Box - 16” X 22” XS Silver

Chimera Super Pro X Plus Lightbank Extra Small 16 x 22” Silver Interior Speedring Included Chimera Super Pro X Plus XS Overview Soften the quality of light and tame the contrast of your flash or strobe unit with this 16 x 22" Super Pro X Plus Lightbank from Chimera The lightbank features a soft silver interior that maximizes output while minimizing the harshness evidenced in some softboxes with reflective silver interiors. The rectangular shape offers a classic look for use in a wide range of situations as either a key or fill light. The Super Pro X Plus also offers a removable "full" front diffuser that can be replaced with optional 1/4 and 1/2 versions for contrast options, while the removable inner baffle subdues the hot spot and exhibits performance with edge to edge evenness. You can use the front diffuser and baffle together, in any combination, or not at all to achieve the look you'd like for your subject.
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24” X 36” - Single Net on FRAME

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Chimera - Speedring 4 pt PROFOTO

Speed Rings are designed primarily for smaller, open-faced quartz instruments. These Speed Rings allow you to work with single or multiple sources within a Lightbank, which enables you to change the intensity of your source instantly. The Speed Rings are the hub of the Chimera Lightbank system. These Speed Rings enable you to mount any Chimera Lightbank to just about any size or type of strobe available.
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