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Pipe Clamp - Junior

Has a uniquely designed hook moulded into the clamp which keeps the clamp on the pipe even with a light fixture attached, while the bolt is being tightened. Terminates in a Junior Receiver and has a safety chain and cotter pin attached.
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Safety Cables

Strong metal wire used to secure and provide added protection to hanging lights.
$1.00 per 1 day(s)

Stage Riser - 4’ X 4’

Each deck comes with one set of legs. The legs come in 1’ through 5’ heights. Extra leg sets are also available. Casters are available. We also carry staircases. Large staircase fits 3' and 4' leg usage, Small staircase fits 1' and 2' leg usage. DESCRIPTION: Standard Steeldeck® platform constructed using steel truss frame with high quality ¾" plywood tops. Tops are insulated from frames to reduce noise and vibration. Standard deck will accept 4 legs of 1½" Schedule 40 steel pipe. Legs are held in place by a hand knob. Decks are connected to each other by bolting through pre-drilled holes along each edge. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 2000 lbs.
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Stand - Mambo Combo

Mombo Combo Stand - Standard Finish Maximum Height: 24' (7315mm) Minimum Height: 74.5" (1892mm) Capacity: 88lbs (40kg) Weight: 48.5lbs (22kg) Footprint: 74" (1180mm) Folded Base: 6" (152mm)
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Stage Riser - Set of 4 Legs (4')

Standard leg supplied in steel pipe. Any length of leg can be supplied. Standard stock heights shown below. All legs supplied with black plastic inserts to protect studio floors. All legs supplied galvanized Load Capacity 6000 lbs.
$5.00 per 1 day(s)