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Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint - M1000: SILVERCHROME

The Montana GOLD CHROME EFFECT colors are high quality low-pressure spray paints. The range consists of 3 vibrant chrome effect colors. The unique NC-Acrylic formula is quick-drying and high-covering. Perfect for decorative use, the deceivingly real chrome effects are achieved by the increased reflection of light off the metallic pigment particles that dry on the surface of the paint lacquer or “open” surface. Open-surface paints are not as resistant to weathering, handling, or abrasion. Montana GOLD Varnish sprays can be applied to increase durability by closing the paint's surface however may hinder the reflective properties of the paint. The Low-Pressure system allows soft and easy use for controlled application. Compatible with the Montana Level Cap system. Chrome Effect colors can be applied to many surfaces such as canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and even flexible surfaces for any skill level. The Montana GOLD Chrome Effect colors can be used in conjunction with the Montana TECH and EFFECT range products. Please visit our Help Center for full details on drying times, surfaces, and compatibility.
SKU: 16083
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