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Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint FLASH YELLOW

The perfect fluorescent spray paint for glow in the darf effects under UV light The Montana GOLD FLUORESCENT colors are a high quality spray paint line with 8 dynamic fluorescent colors. The unique NC-Acrylic formula is quick-drying and well-covering. The Montana GOLD Fluorescent Colors glow when exposed to UV light. For the best results, apply to pre-primed, dry white surfaces (such as those painted with the Montana GOLD Shock White) to increase luminosity and improve coverage. Applying Montana GOLD clear coats when completely dry will offer greater UV protection, however, may hinder the radiant fluorescent effect slightly. Fluorescent Colors can be applied to many surfaces such as canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and even flexible surfaces, regardless of if you are a professional, artistic, hobbyist, or DIY spray paint user. Montana GOLD Fluorescent Colors can also be used in conjunction with the Montana TECH and EFFECT range of products. Due to their synthetic non-natural orientations, fluorescent colors in general do not have the same opacity, light fastness, and longevity as normal high-pigmented colors. They are not abrasion-proof like other Montana GOLD color shades. Shake Well!
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