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Excuse List


The World-Famous Official Excuse List

•  We didn’t know 10 a.m. was the return time! 
•  It’s on the other truck.
•  The GRIPS have it.
•  We got it this way. (OF Course)
•  We got a flat tire. (The Original Excuse).
•  I don’t know nothing - I’m just the P.A..
•  That’s Props - we’re Art Department. 
•  They don’t pay me enough to think.
•  I don’t know who I work for - they just said go to Castex.
•  I’m late because I fell asleep in front of Otto Nemenz.
•  My mother is the Producer - I don’t know anything.
•  Sorry I’m late - I went to your old address.
•  THEY said it would fit in my “HYUNDAI”! (Not)
•  I’m working at my Rate Of Speed.
•  I got stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway!
•  Bill them - it’s not MY money!
•  I’m not really a P.A.- I’m a 2nd A.D.. (Oh Sure).
•  What do you expect from me- I’m just a college student.
•  Andy said I could charge it on his account.